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internationalized domain name (IDN)

multi-byte Unicode
    public UnicodeSet getNumberRepresentatives(String identifier) {
        int cp;
        UnicodeSet numerics = new UnicodeSet();
        for (int i = 0; i < identifier.length(); i += Character.charCount(i)) {
            cp = Character.codePointAt(identifier, i);
            // Store a representative character for each kind of decimal digit
            switch (UCharacter.getType(cp)) {
            case UCharacterCategory.DECIMAL_DIGIT_NUMBER:
                // Just store the zero character as a representative for comparison. 
                // Unicode guarantees it is cp - value.
                numerics.add(cp - UCharacter.getNumericValue(cp));
            case UCharacterCategory.OTHER_NUMBER:
            case UCharacterCategory.LETTER_NUMBER:
                throw new IllegalArgumentException("Should not be in identifiers.");
        return numerics;
    UnicodeSet numerics = getMixedNumbers(String identifier);
    if (numerics.size() > 1) reject(identifer, numerics);

IDN DNS Name Language Code HTML Glyph
ᐅ.net xn--1ce.net Canadian Syllabics O U+1405 &#5125;
ᘓ.com xn--2re.com Canadian Syllabics Carrier Ya U+1613 &#5651;
ꆪ.net xn--2x7a.net Yi Syllable Hlep U+A1AA &#41386;
ꂓ.com xn--3p7a.com Yi Syllable Hmi U+A093 &#41107;
ꅂ.net xn--3u7a.net Yi Syllable Dduo U+A142 &#41282;
ꇎ.net xn--3y7a.net Yi Syllable Lut U+A1CE &#41422;
ꈸ.net xn--417a.net Yi Syllable Mguop U+A238 &#41528;
ཀ.com xn--5cd.com Tibetan Letter Ka U+0F40 &#3904;
ᑐ.com xn--6ee.com Canadian Syllabics To U+1450 ;&#5200;
ꁵ.com xn--8o7a.com Yi Syllable Bbyp U+A075 &#41077;
ꀍ.com xn--9l7a.com Yi Syllable Uo U+A00D &#40973;
㐃.net xn--10k.net CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A U+3403 &#13315;
ꌆ.com xn--077a.com Yi Syllable Nzyp U+A306 &#41734;
ꋊ.com xn--b67a.com Yi Syllable Cyt U+A2CA &#41674;
ᖲ.com xn--bpe.com Canadian Syllabics Blackfoot O U+15B2 &#5554
ᖳ.com xn--cpe.com Canadian Syllabics Blackfoot A U+15B3 &#5555;
૪.net xn--ggc.net Gujarati Digit Four U+0AEA &#2794;
ꄬ.com xn--hu7a.com Yi Syllable Top U+A12C &#41260;
ꆹ.com xn--iy7a.com Yi Syllable Li U+A1B9 &#41401;
ꉆ.com xn--j27a.com Yi Syllable Hxit U+A246 &#41542;
ꍞ.com xn--jb8a.com Yi Syllable Zhyp U+A35E &#41822;
ꁿ.com xn--jp7a.com Yi Syllable Nba U+A07F &#41087;
ᒣ.com xn--khe.com Canadian Syllabics Me U+14A3 &#5283;
᠐.com xn--m6e.com Mongolian Digit Zero U+1810 &#6160;
ᒥ.com xn--mhe.com Canadian Syllabics Mi U+14A5 &#5285;
ᖽ.com xn--mpe.com Canadian Syllabics Blackfoot Ki U+15BD &#5565;
ᒧ.com xn--ohe.com Canadian Syllabics Mo U+14A7 &#5287;
ꏏ.com xn--re8a.com Yi Syllable Ro U+A3CF &#41935;
ꏲ.com xn--rf8a.com Yi Syllable Ju U+A3F2 &#41970;
ᐟ.com xn--sde.com Canadian Syllabics Final Acute U+141F &#5151;
ப.net xn--xlc.net Tamil Letter Pa U+0BAA &#2986;
ꇭ.com xn--zz7a.com Yi Syllable Gop U+A1ED &#41453;